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Gua-Sha is a facial massage instrument to be used in the skincar routine and is super high right now with more and more famous celebrities and beauty influencers knowing its benefits. But it’s no wonder that this instrument is making a comeback, as it has a long history of positive results.

What is Gua-Sha?

In itself it may seem like a simple piece of stone (which can be quartz, jade or even the amazing Bian), but its meticulously cut anatomical shape with several different edges has a huge range of uses.


The most basic possible is relaxation through facial massage, but it has several other specific ones such as:

- Helps with lymphatic drainage of the main nodes of the face and neck; 

- Increases blood circulation, better irrigating the cells that are more nourished and, therefore, better able to regenerate;

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  • Caroline -Brasilia/DF

    The kit is easy to use and also provides a sense of well-being and self-care.Oh!And they are super
    cute.Shipping was fast and delivery too.

  • Karina -Sao Paulo/SP

    I loved it!The gua-sha is cold and makes for a very relaxing massage.Stones glide well on the skin after applying an oil or cream.The box is made of a very resistant material.

  • Teresa - Sao Paulo/SP

    I use this product every day in my skincare.It is fantastic, it helped me to control blemishes and gain
    an extra tone without using foundation.