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Gua-sha is a well-known therapeutic tool, used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years and was even a precursor to the creation of acupuncture. Over time, it gained more shapes and styles, suitable for different functions and parts of our body.

Aegisderma, therefore, decided to invest in this instrument and this ancient natural practice, as it is full of benefits for our health and well-being. In its definition we have:

Gua – Means to scrape, rub.
Sha – Means healing, causing redness.

Aegisderma chose a Gua-sha made with the incredible Bian stone and developed a shape so that its tips are practical and precise to work on pressure and decompression points on the face and neck.

So, when using the slides in the correct directions, favoring the increase of our blood circulation, the impact is powerful. Contributing mainly to cell renewal, to the oxygenation of our cells, allowing more nutrients to be absorbed by the skin, as they are necessary to improve the aspects caused by toxins and facial expressions. We know that our face is responsible for transmitting our emotions, such as happiness, anger, sadness, doubts, in short... it's as if our face was the mirror that express and reflects everything we feel.

A Gua-sha does not replace an invasive procedure and it is not our intention here, as what we intend is to instigate a moment of self-care and self-love, after all we deserve it. It also has a significant point of use when we have muscle pain and even headaches, as we have already tested it and had very positive results. It helps with lymphatic drainage from the face, helping to eliminate toxins and promoting a clean flow of lymph to our circulatory system. And also helps refining fine lines of expression. And it is very effective for dark circles and bags under the eyes and eyelids. It can even tone the natural contours of the face.

By using correct movements, we can even break the fascia that is responsible for tension in our muscles, relieving tension. Also, correct use can give us a younger appearance and glowing, healthy skin.Its use is contraindicated on parts of the skin affected by skin infections such as acne, dermatitis or any other skin diseases.

A very important tip is that gua-sha can also be used cold (as it is made of stone) in the eye area, as it causes vasoconstriction, helping to oxygenate this region. In short, it is a practical instrument, full of benefits and that can be carried in your bag and used at any time of the day.

You'll feel the difference in your skincare and self-care routine in just 5 minutes and use it to relax and start your day with a touch of love. To keep it clean, just wash with soap and water or alcohol and that's it! It is now ready for the next use.
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