Who we are?

Aegisderma is an American company, founded by Brazilian businesswoman Cleo Pillon in 2020, within a social context of a pandemic and social difficulties. It was created exactly to develop and provide something that would bring more love and care to others, within this moment of social fragilities.

Today, Aegisderma combines the scientific knowledge, in the area of beauty and aesthetics, with the concern to develop sophisticated products and services, but also with a touch of simplicity, of something natural. With this in mind, Aegisderma is here to provide high quality skincare products, in addition to focusing on developing techniques, courses and materials that can help each client by providing sufficient knowledge and instruments so that they can achieve satisfactory results.

  • Mission

    Our mission is to develop and provide products, knowledge and techniques with high quality standards that are at the same time healthy, environmentally conscious and that can be useful to train and help each client to be more effective in self-care and with the aesthetic part. Our focus is to share the best and most in-depth knowledge in this area to strengthen motivating pillars such as: health, well-being, respect, beauty and serving yourself and others.

  • Values

    Aegisderma is based on and inspired by nature, beauty, fairness, scientific advances in technology, improvements, sophistication and refinement of this industry. It is based on the values of respect, responsibility, ethics, consideration and health that Aegisderma operates today in the skincare and personal care industry, always seeking to deliver better results to serve each client.

About Cleo Pillon

Born in the interior of the state of Maranhão, Cleo Pillon grew up in a socio-historical context of material difficulties and challenges.  Very early, at the age of 6, Cleo already worked in the fields helping her grandparents and, also very early, at the age of 13, she already had her first paid job. Cleo has a history of overcoming challenges and determination, as she is an example that it doesn't matter where we come from and the circumstances around us, but our willingness to go further, to follow.  And so she did, following with honesty, commitment and focus.

And in this exploration of the world, Cleo was able to expand and get to know many things, areas and people.  This big mother, who now lives in New York with her family, does not measure efforts to conquer her space and to be able to generate a positive impact on her path and on that of the people around her.  But her journey was full of effort, and Cleo puts her hands "in the dough" with her work since when she worked as a chambermaid, as a receptionist, salesperson, supervisor, among other opportunities that made her grow, acquire knowledge and expand skills.  And in a mix of business and social entrepreneurship, Cleo has worked in several areas, from when she was a radio presenter (Festa da Band program) to when she worked as an advisor in the artistic environment and was able to expand her network of help.

And when it comes to skincare, Cleo Pillon is a reference in struggle and achievements.

Her passion for skincare has always been very present and Cleo managed to keep it as one of her main paths, aesthetics being her area of ​​deepening, training and development, from her place in Brazil to her partnerships with international brands.  But her entrepreneurial potential goes much further, because in her restlessness, search for evolution and to serve and help others, Cleo founds her own brand, Aegisderma, which is also represented in Brazil.  Without a doubt, she will continue her dedication in this area to expand more and more and positively reach more and more people, always instilling self-love  and motivating women to remember their potentials and their inner worth.