Who we are

Aegisderma is an American company, founded by Brazilian businesswoman Cleo Pillon in 2020, within a social context of a pandemic and social difficulties. It was created exactly to develop and provide something that would bring more love and care to others, within this moment of social fragilities. Today, Aegisderma combines the scientific knowledge, in the area of beauty and aesthetics, with the concern to develop sophisticated products and services, but also with a touch of simplicity, of something natural. With this in mind, Aegisderma is here to provide high quality skincare products, in addition to focusing on developing techniques, courses and materials that can help each client by providing sufficient knowledge and instruments so that they can achieve satisfactory results.


Our mission is to develop and provide products, knowledge and techniques with high quality standards that are at the same time healthy, environmentally conscious and that can be useful to train and help each client to be more effective in self-care and with the aesthetic part. Our focus is to share the best and most in-depth knowledge in this area to strengthen motivating pillars such as: health, well-being, respect, beauty and serving yourself and others.


Aegisderma is based on and inspired by nature, beauty, fairness, scientific advances in technology, improvements, sophistication and refinement of this industry. It is based on the values of respect, responsibility, ethics, consideration and health that Aegisderma operates today in the skincare and personal care industry, always seeking to deliver better results to serve each client.

About Cleo Pillon

Born in the interior of the state of Maranhão, Cleo Pillon grew up in a socio-historical context of material difficulties and challenges. Very early, at the age of 6, Cleo already worked in the fields helping her grandparents and, also very early, at the age of 13, she already had her first paid job. Cleo has a history of overcoming challenges and determination, as she is an example that it doesn't matter where we come from and the circumstances around us, but our willingness to go further, to follow. And so she did, following with honesty, commitment and focus.
And in this exploration of the world, Cleo was able to expand and get to know many things, areas and people. This big mother, who now lives in New York with her family, does not measure efforts to conquer her space and to be able to generate a positive impact on her path and on that of the people around her. But her journey was full of effort, and Cleo puts her hands "in the dough" with her work since when she worked as a chambermaid, as a receptionist, salesperson, supervisor, among other opportunities that made her grow, acquire knowledge and expand skills. And in a mix of business and social entrepreneurship, Cleo has worked in several areas, from when she was a radio presenter (Festa da Band program) to when she worked as an advisor in the artistic environment and was able to expand her network of help.
And when it comes to skincare, Cleo Pillon is a reference in struggle and achievements.
Her passion for skincare has always been very present and Cleo managed to keep it as one of her main paths, aesthetics being her area of ​​deepening, training and development, from her place in Brazil to her partnerships with international brands. But her entrepreneurial potential goes much further, because in her restlessness, search for evolution and to serve and help others, Cleo founds her own brand, Aegisderma, which is also represented in Brazil. Without a doubt, she will continue her dedication in this area to expand more and more and positively reach more and more people, always instilling self-love and motivating women to remember their potentials and their inner worth.

Aegisderma products

Gua-sha Gua-sha is a well-known therapeutic tool that has been used by Chinese medicine for thousands of years and was even a precursor to the creation of acupuncture.
Over time, it gained more shapes and styles, suitable for various functions and parts of our body. Aegisderma, therefore, decided to invest in this instrument and in this ancient natural practice, as it is full of benefits for our health and well-being.

In its definition we have:

Gua - Means to scrape, to rub.
Sha - Means healing, causing redness.

Aegisderma chose a Gua-sha made with the incredible Bian stone and developed a format for its tips to be practical and precise to work on pressure and decompression points on our face and neck.
Thus, when using slides in the right directions, favoring an increase in our blood circulation, the impact is powerful. Mainly contributing to cell renewal, to the oxygenation of our cells, allowing more nutrients to be absorbed by the skin, as they are needed to improve the weather aspects caused by toxins and facial expressions. We know that our face is responsible for transmitting our emotions, such as happiness, anger, sadness, doubts, in short... it is as if our face were the mirror that marks and reflects everything we feel.
Gua-sha does not replace an invasive procedure and it is not our intention here, because what we aim for is to instigate a moment of self-care with yourself and self-love, after all we deserve it. It also has a significant point of use when we have muscle aches and even headaches, as we have already tested it and had very positive results.
It helps with lymphatic drainage of the face, aiding in the elimination of toxins and promoting a clean flow of lymph to our circulatory system.
It helps refining fine lines of expressions. And it is very effective for dark circles and bags under the eyes and eyelids. It helps in toning the natural contours of the face.
With used in correct movements, we can even break the fascia that is responsible for the tensions in our muscles, relieving tensions.
Correct use can bring us a more youthful appearance and a glowing, healthy skin.
Its use is contraindicated in parts of the skin affected by skin infections such as acne, dermatitis, or any other skin diseases.
A very important tip is that gua-sha can also be used cold (since it is made of stone) in the eye areas, as it causes vasoconstriction, helping the oxygenation of this region.
In short, it is a practical instrument, full of benefits and that can be carried in your purse and used at any time of your day.
You will feel the difference in your skincare and self-care routine with just 5 minutes and use to relax you and start your day with a touch of love.
To keep it clean, just wash it with water and soap or alcohol and that's it! It is now ready for the next use.


ERA is a line of products that started out inspired by the context of skin treatments used by Cleopatra in ancient Egypt. That is, something that used nature, but also added the knowledge and advancement of current technology. The difference is in the alchemy made in the blend of ingredients that enhance each other, achieving greater results for your skin. The ERA skincare product line consists of the following products:

Cleansing Facial Foam
The Facial Cleansing Foam contains actives in its composition that regulate oiliness, reduce excessive shine and at the same time do not let your skin dry out. It was specially designed to start your skincare routine with a deep clean. Its container has soft silicone bristles that help in cleaning and with its creamy foam, it provides a feeling of comfort and hydration to the skin.

Contains a non-aggressive yet highly effective formula.

- Sebum-regulating active ingredient: Sebum-regulating botanical complex that controls sebum production and reduces the shine of oily skin.
- Aloe Vera Glycolic Extract: It has an emollient, toning, softening, soothing, refreshing, moisturizing, protective and tissue restorative action.
- Chamomile extract (extracted from the flower): it has an emollient, healing, softening, anti-inflammatory and tissue protective action.

- Cleans without drying out, leaving a satin finish.
- Removes surface impurities accumulated with everyday life.
- Brings a feeling of comfort and still regulates excess oiliness.
- Its softening assets hydrate the skin.
- Has free anti-radical action.
Lightly wet your face and neck, press the top part of the brush on your face and gently massage in circular motions (the product already comes out on the brush itself). Then rinse. Daily use and for makeup removal. Suitable for all skin types.


Not tested on animals / Paraben Free / Gluten Free

Deep cleaning with gentle exfoliation and skin renewal by removing excess of dead cells. It has in its formulation quartz in the form of crystal microparticles that gently exfoliate the skin promoting cell renewal.

- Crystal Peeling: microparticles that mechanically exfoliate the skin promoting cell renewal, assists in the removal of excess dead cells. Less aggressive method that can be used in summer.
- Allantoin: Promotes the proliferation of skin cells by accelerating regeneration. It forms a film on the skin, preventing cell dehydration.

- Gently exfoliates.
- Unclogs pores.
- Deep Cleaning.
- Skin Renewal.
- Cell renewal.
- Removes dead cells.
- Anti aging.
- Suitable for all skin types.

Indicated to be used at night, before going to sleep, in your skin cleansing ritual.

Not tested on animals / Parabens free / Vegan formula

The Vitamin Complex Serum was developed with a blend of five powerful actives, which help in the recovery of skin hydration and nutrition. They act by powerfully stimulating younger, healthier skin.

- Vitamin E: Helps protect the skin from free radical damage. It forms a covering film with a feeling of softness and hydration, in addition to acting as an antioxidant.
- D- Panthenol - Vitamin B5: Panthenol is an alcohol that develops a dermal eutrophic and healing effect on the skin that increases the resistance of collagen fibers and presents rapid skin absorption.
- Resveratrol (Grape Seed Oil): Extracted from the seed of the fruit, it has a high content of alpha- tocopherol (vitamin E), linoleic acid and palmitic acid, which are responsible for the regeneration and maintenance of the skin tissue, revitalizing it in an antioxidant manner.
- Aloe Vera Extract: It has an emollient, calming, toning, softening, soothing, refreshing, moisturizing, protective and tissue restorative action.
- Nano Hyaluronic Acid: Helps maintain skin support and hydration, preventing sagging, expression lines and cellular aging, filling, and keeping the skin hydrated.

- Hydrating, nutritious and antioxidant.
- Nutrient replacement and hydration recovery.
- Aid in the prevention of aging.
- Serum texture that has high performance and softness.
- Dry touch after absorption.
- Does not leave the skin oily.
- Suitable for all skin types.

Gently apply the product to the face, neck, and décolletage, massaging until completely absorbed. Daily use: morning and night.

Not tested on animals / Parabens free / Vegan formula Vitamin C in the skin is very effective in eliminating spots caused by the sun, leaving the skin even and healthy. This Vitamin C also encourages the production of natural collagen, promoting skin firmness and elasticity, prevents premature oxidation and is an excellent intracellular antioxidant that protects the DNA of cells. It also promotes luminosity and protects the skin against photoaging.
CONCENTRATION 5% + vitamin C derivatives such as Phorentin, Resveratrol, Rosehip, Ferrulic Acid, Tocopherol.

- Reduction of spots caused by the sun.
- Radiant and healthy-looking skin.
- Corrects and evens out the skin.
- Antioxidant.
- Suitable for all skin types.
- Brings a cell regeneration power.
- Acts as a biological protector in the synthesis of elastin and collagen, responsible for skin support and firmness.

Gently apply the product to the face, neck and décolletage, massaging until completely absorbed. Daily use: preferably at night.

Our life is a miracle in itself and the maturing process is a natural reflection of our evolution and transformation. It is with our care, our love and our respect that we remain radiant along the way. Thus, loving yourself is also respecting each step of your journey with the wisdom to see the beauty in each new phase.
Cleo Pillon