What is Gua-Sha?

In itself it may seem like a simple piece of stone (which can be quartz, jade or even the amazing Bian), but its meticulously cut anatomical shape with several different edges has a huge range of uses.

Originating in Chinese medicine and with ancient wisdom, it was developed for specific maneuvers that provide high-impact treatment. Known as a medicinal scraping tool (which instigates cellular rejuvenation) that had the initial objective of generating redness (Sha), as it is believed that this form brings many benefits to various skin problems by instigating self-healing.

  • Helps with lymphatic drainage of the main nodes of the face and neck.

    Increases blood circulation, better irrigating the cells that are more nourished and, therefore, better able to regenerate.

  • Relieves jaw clenching and tension (which can cause bruxism). Relieves muscle tensions throughout the face and neck. Reduces swelling, by draining, leaving the face looking more rested and radiant.

  • Instills greater skin elasticity and muscle tone. Helps with headaches and jaw pain. It promotes light cell exfoliation, removing the surface layer of dead cells and instigating rejuvenation.