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Vitamin C Serum + Blend 5x1 Serum

Vitamin C Serum + Blend 5x1 Serum

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Not tested on animals / Parabens free / Vegan formula

The Vitamin Complex Serum was developed with a blend of five powerful actives, which help in the recovery of skin hydration and nutrition. They act by powerfully stimulating younger, healthier skin.


- Vitamin E: Helps protect the skin from free radical damage. It forms a covering film with a feeling of softness and hydration, in addition to acting as an antioxidant.

- D- Panthenol - Vitamin B5: Panthenol is an alcohol that develops a dermal eutrophic and healing effect on the skin that increases the resistance of collagen fibers and presents rapid skin absorption.

- Resveratrol (Grape Seed Oil): Extracted from the seed of the fruit, it has a high content of alpha- tocopherol (vitamin E), linoleic acid and palmitic acid, which are responsible for the regeneration and maintenance of the skin tissue, revitalizing it in an antioxidant manner.

- Aloe Vera Extract: It has an emollient, calming, toning, softening, soothing, refreshing, moisturizing, protective and tissue restorative action.

- Nano Hyaluronic Acid: Helps maintain skin support and hydration, preventing sagging, expression lines and cellular aging, filling, and keeping the skin hydrated.


- Hydrating, nutritious and antioxidant.

- Nutrient replacement and hydration recovery.

- Aid in the prevention of aging.

- Serum texture that has high performance and softness.

- Dry touch after absorption.

- Does not leave the skin oily.

- Suitable for all skin types.


Gently apply the product to the face, neck, and décolletage, massaging until completely absorbed. Daily use: morning and night.


Vitamin C in the skin is very effective in eliminating spots caused by the sun, leaving the skin even and healthy. This Vitamin C also encourages the production of natural collagen, promoting skin firmness and elasticity, prevents premature oxidation and is an excellent intracellular antioxidant that protects the DNA of cells. It also promotes luminosity and protects the skin against photoaging.

CONCENTRATION 5% + vitamin C derivatives such as Phorentin, Resveratrol, Rosehip, Ferrulic Acid, Tocopherol.


- Reduction of spots caused by the sun.

- Radiant and healthy-looking skin.

- Corrects and evens out the skin.

- Antioxidant.

- Suitable for all skin types.

- Brings a cell regeneration power.

- Acts as a biological protector in the synthesis of elastin and collagen, responsible for skin support and firmness.


Gently apply the product to the face, neck and décolletage, massaging until completely absorbed. Daily use: preferably at night.

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